Host Family Yuka and Jay San Antonio

Host family Yuka and Jay
Homestay in San Antonio, United States

Not yet certified  Homestay Certification We at homestaybooking.com want to provide our users with the highest level of security and professionalism we possibly can. Therefore all our homestay hosts listed have the chance to become certified.

Homestay host family certification means that the hosts send us copies of their IDs and(optional) their Criminal Record Certificates electronically. We compare the documents received with the personal data which the host provided to us for their website registration. If the information matches we mark those hosts as certified on our website giving details of whether we have checked the ID only or additionally the criminal record document. The documents themselves will not be shown on the website.

As the certification process causes a considerable amount of administration, the host will be asked to pay a fee for the initial certification. As not all of our hosts may want to spend this money, not every host on our website may be certified. If a host is not certified, this does not necessarily mean that the host is not trustworthy.

For all transactions on our website the rule still applies, that it is always the sole responsibility of the parties involved in the transaction (guest and host) to make sure, that they feel confident in trusting each other. homestaybooking.com has no liability for the transactions, as the contract is always between the guest and the host and never homestaybooking.com or it's affiliates.

If we certify a homestay host, we do this with all possible caution. However, there is always a small risk of fraud as we cannot visit each host personally. Therefore homestaybooking.com takes no liability for correctness of the information provided by the host, regardless of whether the host is certified or not.
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Price per day 70.00 USD
Weekly rate starting at490.00 USD

Homestay Host Family - detailed information

Yuka is 39 years old. She speaks english and japanese. Yuka is at home everyday. She is interested in cooking, music, reading, languages, talking with friends, travel, foreign cultures, watching TV, gardening, fashion and pets.

Jay is 43 years old. He speaks english. Jay is at home on the weekends. He is interested in sports, cooking, music, painting, computer/internet, watching TV and pets.

At Yuka and Jay 's guests can stay for at least 1 night and up to a maximum of 365 nights . Yuka and Jay have no children living at home. It is a non-smoking residence, and smoking in the accommodation is not allowed. The following pets live in the house: dog and cat.

Host family accommodation - detailed information

The accommodation is situated in / near , show homestay on map. The distance to the city centre is 22km (13.7 miles). The next access point to public transport is at 1000m (1094 yds) distance.

At Yuka and Jay 's 2 Guest can stay at the same time. The following accommodation is generally available:

Single Room en suite bathroom

Size: 4m² (43.1sqft)
Facilities: mirror, hair-dryer and wardrobe
Price per night per person:
70.00 USD / night (Single occupation)

Single Room en suite bathroom

Size: 4m² (43.1sqft)
Facilities: desk
Price per night per person:
70.00 USD / night (Single occupation)

Learn the language of your travel destination!

There is no better way to learn a foreign language than to speak it in everyday situations. Your hosts offer qualified language instruction in their native language English . One hour of instruction (= 60 min) costs 25.00 USD . The instruction will be given by a family member at the accommodation. You can choose this option in the booking form for the time of your stay.

The room rate includes the following services: Breakfast, Pick-up service, Dinner, internet access, Laundry service incl., Lunch

Additional available services at an extra charge:: regular room cleaning (5.00 USD per day)

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