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Homestay Family est. 2007 acquires

We’re delighted to announce that is now part of Together we are stronger and will stand out in the travel marketplace as the leading online booking platform for homestay experiences.

First worldwide homestay booking platform brings travelers and host families together worldwide - whether you want to find a host family or offer a homestay. Our goal is to further the exchange of cultures and we did this by launching the first worldwide booking platform for homestays in 2007. Travelers going abroad live with local host families (homestays), and, in doing so are able to first-hand experience the everyday lifestyle of the culture of their travel destination. This also provides an opportunity for both parties to further their knowledge of foreign language. Because of this, homestays are optimal experiences for language students, university students, and interns as well as culture-enthusiastic travelers during their visits abroad.

Free homestay listings and fair commissions is an online booking service that provides travelers with the option of instant booking of their homestay directly through the host family. As a guest, you pay no booking free, and the offered prices are significantly lower than what you would pay with agencies or tour operators. As a host family, you can advertise your offered space free of charge for an unlimited amount of time. The only thing you ever pay to homestaybooking is a low percentage of the total booking expense upon the completion of a successful booking.

Free Homestay Finder

As a student or traveler you can place free housing wanted ads to find your perfect homestay host. Just create a homestay guest profile stating your preferences and budget. Matching host families will be notified and get in touch with you swiftly.

Visit our family-owned business

We are a family-owned business. On our site, you will even find the link to our own host family profile in Berlin. International guests are always welcome with us. We ourselves are well traveled and had the idea for an online homestay market place whilst attending a language course in Mendoza, Argentina. At the time we had been living in Beatriz' Casa de Familia, and the host shared with us that she was receiving only a small fraction of what we had paid to the school. wants to establish a global presence, and welcomes all different nations to use its platform. We are always looking for translators for languages in which is presently not available. Please check our job market for openings. The founders of travelled themselves to many places around the world and always enjoyed staying at host families and learning about the local culture.

The management was founded by Olaf Börner and Frank Budszuhn. Both enjoy travelling very much and are curious to learn more about foreign cultures. They have experienced staying with local host families and hosts many times. They see this as an opportunity for a multicultural understanding.

Olaf is responsible for marketing and general management. Frank holds a master degree of computer science and is responsible for the technical functionality of